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In addition to hosting The Sean Show, I’m also a licensed mental health therapist and my weekly Tune Up Tuesday feature is the closest thing you’ll get to free therapy on the radio.

If you ever feel angry, congratulations on being human.  To me, it’s one of the most common emotions that so many of us don’t understand.

First thing I want you to know about it – it’s a secondary emotion that’s typically triggered by something else (fear, sadness, etc).  Many of us don’t understand anger and don’t know how to process it, so we attempt to deny it, we suffer silently, or we lose control. As a result, your relationships become a contentious.

Love and uncontrolled anger can’t coexist. Love seeks the well being of the other, while uncontrolled anger tears down relationships and the people who are in them.

So, your first step is to dig into the reason your feeling angry so hopefully your communication around it can become more helpful.